Modern music recording studio with "Three-directional sound" technology.
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Three-directional sound
A recording studio with above current market standards of music technology, and quality recording methods.

One of the few recording studios in the world that can record with NEVE, SSL and API at the same time, some of the greatest music “colors".
Control Room
"Picasso" room
"Dalí" Room
"La Nave"
Front of House
VIP Relax area
Control Room
Control Room equipped with 3 "colors" of the 3 leading brands in the sector; NEVE, SSL and API. Equipped with OUTBOARD of other great programs such as MANLEY, AVALON or CHANDLER, among others. QUESTED is monitoring it, and it is controlled by AVID and YAMAHA, two of the biggest names in the business. This makes it one of the most complete control rooms in the world.
Room with high level acoustic treatment. It has a warm color, thanks to its wood covering. Equipped with a Sonor SQ2 battery and a Tascam MH-8 monitoring system.
Dead room with acoustic treatment for sound attenuation and natural reverberation, which makes it the ideal place to record voices and wind instruments.
The room features natural reverberation and offers numerous possibilities for live recording. With the ability to accommodate a full symphony orchestra, this room has different floor heights to achieve unparalleled depth. It can be rented for rehearsals, recording sessions, video clip shooting, and more.
The audiovisual control of the entire venue is commanded from a single point; Front of House. It is located 15 meters from the "LINE AWAY" towers and the stage, which makes it ideal for controlling the sound equipment for DJ events, projections of the LED screen and for creating light shows. Connected with the Control Room to record at the same time and be able to do concerts or staging in the space itself.
Next to the studio, a gallery that presents the best selection of our works, which is used as a rest area for clients, where presentations and private events can be organized.
Colector Studios is expanding and looking for experts in sound and recording. If you are interested, send us your CV with your work portfolio.
Our studio has everything an artist might need to create any type of musical or sound project, surrounded by art and creativity.
Independent studio rental
Recording studios connected to the Control Room. They can be rented individually or all at once.
We provide pre-recording, recording, mixing and post-production services for all kinds of projects.
Sound engineer services
Depending on the need, sound engineers are available to work during the recording process.
Do you have a project?
Open to collaborations for projects of any size and ambition.
We also produce
We compose and produce music for labels, radio and TV, as well as for the labels of Colector Music Group.
At a national and international level, our goal is to promote artists based on artistic sensitivities.
Where can you find us?
Avenida de la Riera 22, Sant Just Desvern, 08960, Barcelona, España
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